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Historical Events Happened In August - 11

Thursday, 26 May 2016

1909  SOS first used by an American ship, Arapahoe, off Cape Hatteras, NC on this day in history.  

1909  On this day in history liner "Arapahoe" is 1st ship to use SOS distress call  

1909  On August - 11 gaston Gilbert Litaize, composer  

1910  On August - 11 denis Moloney, NZ cricket all-rounder (1937 England tour)  

1911  On August - 11 alphonse de Waelhens, Flemish philosopher (Psychosis)  

1912  On August - 11 jean Parker, Butte Mont, actress (Beyond Tomorrow, Little Women)  

1913  On August - 11 angus Wilson, England, writer (Mulberry Bush-1955)  

1914  On this day in history jews are expelled from Mitchenick Poland  

1914  On this day in history france declares war on Austria-Hungary  

1915  On August - 11 kunio Toda, composer  

1917  On this day in history dik Browne, cartoonist (Hi & Lois, Hagar the Horrible)  

1918  On August - 11 battle of Amiens ends in WW I, Allieds beat Germans  

1919  Green Bay Packers football club founded on this day in history.  

1919  Andrew Carnegie, US steel industrialist/philanthropist, dies at 83 on August - 11.  

1920  On August - 11 1st peace of Riga-Soviet Union recognizes Independence of Latvia  

1920  On August - 11 derry Jeffares, Honorary Prof of English Studies (Stirling U)  

1921  Alex Haley, US, writer (Autobiography of Malcolm X, Roots) on this day in history.  

1923  On this day in history dutch Premier de Geer resigns  

1923  On August - 11 stan Chambers, American television reporter  

1924  1st newsreel pictures of presidential candidates were taken on August - 11.  

1924  On this day in history arlene Dahl, Minneapolis Minnesota, actress/TV panelist (Ambush)  

1925  On August - 11 carl Rowan, gun-toting newspaper columnist (Wash Post)  

1926  Cleve Indian Tris Speaker hits his 700th double on this day in history.  

1926  Aaron Klug, OM/PRS/biochemist on this day in history.  

1927  James Eaton, Lord-Lieutenant of the City of Londonderry on August - 11.  

1928  On this day in history carl Hubbell's 1st major league victory is a 4-0 shutout of Phils  

1929  Babe Ruth becomes 1st to hit 500 homers (off Willis Hudlin of Cleve) on August - 11.  

1933  Temp reaches 136 degrees F (58ø C) at San Luis Potos, Mex (world record) on August - 11.  

1933  On this day in history temp reaches 136F (57.8C) at San Luis Potosi, Mex (world record)  

1934  On this day in history first federal prisoners arrive at Alcatraz in SF Bay  

1934  1st federal prisoners arrive at Alcatraz in SF Bay on this day in history.  

1935  Nazi mass demonstration against German Jews on this day in history.  

1935  On August - 11 william Watson, British poet (Purple East), dies  

1936  On August - 11 chaing Kai-shek's troops conquers Kanton  

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Famous Birthdays In August - 11

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1467  On August - 11 birth of mary of York, English princess (d. 1482)  

1600  Paul Hallman, composer was born on this day in history.  

1613  On August - 11 birth of cristoph Kaldenbach, composer  

1635  Thomas Betterton, London, actor/dramatist (Coriolanus) was born on this day in history.  

1667  On August - 11 birth of anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, last of the Medicis (d. 1743)  

1673  Richard Mead, London, physician was born on August - 11.  

1718  On August - 11 birth of sir Frederick Haldimand, Swiss-born British colonial governor (d. 1791)  

1720  On August - 11 birth of martin Gerbert, composer  

Famous Deaths In August - 11

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0353  Death of Magnentius, Roman usurper (b. 303) on August - 11.  

0449  Death of Flavian, Patriarch of Constantinople on this day in history.  

0480  On this day in history death of leonidas, King of Sparta (b. circa 540 BC)  

0897  On this day in history death of wilfred the Hairy, Count of Barcelona  

1171  On this day in history louis I, Earl of Wage/Rieneck, dies  

1180  Guillaume de/Willem van Sens, Fren master builder (Canterbury), dies on this day in history.  

1183  On this day in history christian I, archbishop of Mainz, dies  

1204  Death of King Guttorm of Norway (b. 1199) on August - 11.  


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