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Historical Events Happened In August - 11

Sunday, 02 August 2015

1748  On August - 11 joseph Schuster, composer  

1757  On this day in history jose Pradas Gallen, composer, dies at 67  

1772  On August - 11 explosive eruption blows 4,000' off Papandayan Java, kills 3,000  

1772  The birth of Jean Victor Moreau, French general on August - 11.  

1772  Rowland Hill, 1st Viscount/general on this day in history.  

1778  On this day in history friedrich Ludwig Jahn, founder of turnverein (gymnastics) movement  

1780  Barbados hurricane begins on August - 11.  

1786  Captain Francis Light establishes the British colony of Penang in Malaysia on August - 11.  

1794  Jakob Friedrich Kleinknecht, composer, dies at 72 on August - 11.  

1799  Joachim de Barrande, French paleontologist/geologist on August - 11.  

1804  Francis II assumes the title of first Emperor of Austria on this day in history.  

1805  On August - 11 pieter J Elout van Soeterwoude, Dutch judge/member of parliament  

1807  On this day in history david R Atchison, pres of USA on March 3rd 1849  

1811  On this day in history judah P Benjamin, US lawyer/minister of Confederacy navy [or Aug 6]  

1820  Janos Lavotta, composer, dies at 56 on this day in history.  

1823  Charlotte Mary Yonge, England, writer (Heir of Redclyffe) on this day in history.  

1824  On this day in history new South Wales is constituted a Crown colony.  

1828  Edward Saloman, Gov (Union), died in 1909 on August - 11.  

1832  Thomas Ogden Osbord, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers) on August - 11.  

1833  On this day in history robert Green Ingersoll, NY, author/politician/agnostic (Att Gen-R-Ill)  

1835  On August - 11 george B Airy begins 46-year reign as England's Astronomer Royal  

1836  Cato M Guldberg, Norwegian mathematician on this day in history.  

1837  On this day in history marie Francois Carnot, engineer/French pres (1887-94); assassinated  

1844  On August - 11 jernej Kopitar, filmologist/censor (Slavic Grammatica), dies at 63  

1852  Nicolaas Plomp, Dutch architect (Strugle), dies at 70 on this day in history.  

1858  First ascent of the Eiger on this day in history.  

1858  On August - 11 christian Eijkman, Neth, bacteriologist (avitaminos, Nobel 1929)  

1860  Nation's first successful silver mill (Virginia City, Nev) on this day in history.  

1860  Nation's 1st successful silver mill (Virginia City, Nev) on August - 11.  

1860  On this day in history alfred Coville, French historian (Lesson etats de Normandie)  

1860  On August - 11 james Wilson, politician  

1862  Carrie Jacobs Bond, Janesville Wisc, songwriter (I Love You Truly) on this day in history.  

1863  French protectorate over Cambodia is established on this day in history.  

1863  On this day in history cambodia becomes French protectorate  

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Famous Birthdays In August - 11

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1467  On August - 11 birth of mary of York, English princess (d. 1482)  

1600  On this day in history birth of paul Hallman, composer  

1613  On this day in history birth of cristoph Kaldenbach, composer  

1635  On August - 11 birth of thomas Betterton, London, actor/dramatist (Coriolanus)  

1667  On August - 11 birth of anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, last of the Medicis (d. 1743)  

1673  Richard Mead, London, physician was born on this day in history.  

1718  On this day in history birth of sir Frederick Haldimand, Swiss-born British colonial governor (d. 1791)  

1720  On this day in history birth of martin Gerbert, composer  

Famous Deaths In August - 11

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0353  Death of Magnentius, Roman usurper (b. 303) on this day in history.  

0449  On this day in history death of flavian, Patriarch of Constantinople  

0480  Death of Leonidas, King of Sparta (b. circa 540 BC) on August - 11.  

0897  On August - 11 death of wilfred the Hairy, Count of Barcelona  

1171  Louis I, Earl of Wage/Rieneck, dies on this day in history.  

1180  On this day in history guillaume de/Willem van Sens, Fren master builder (Canterbury), dies  

1183  Christian I, archbishop of Mainz, dies on August - 11.  

1204  On this day in history death of king Guttorm of Norway (b. 1199)  


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