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Historical Events Happened In July - 31

Friday, 27 February 2015

1737  On this day in history prince Frederick of Wales escapes English court  

1741  On July - 31 charles Albert of Bavaria invades Upper Austria and Bohemia.  

1743  August R van Hekeren van Suideras, Dutch orangist on July - 31.  

1748  Isaac Ouwater, Amsterdam painter/cartoonist on July - 31.  

1750  Johan V, King of Portugal, dies on July - 31.  

1751  Fire in Stockholm destroys 1,000 houses on this day in history.  

1763  On July - 31 james Kent, Fredericksburgh NY, legal scholar (Columbia), dies  

1767  On July - 31 amelie Julia Candielle, composer  

1771  Paul Potters "Great ossendrift" sold for Ÿ9050 in Amsterdam on this day in history.  

1774  Joseph Priestley discovers oxygen on this day in history.  

1777  On July - 31 marquis de Lafayette, 19, made major-general of Continental Army  

1784  Denis Diderot, French writer/philosopher (Jacques le fataliste), dies on July - 31.  

1790  On this day in history the first US patent granted, to Samuel Hopkins for a potash process  

1790  On July - 31 1st US patent granted, to Samuel Hopkins for a potash process  

1790  On July - 31 johann Christian Frischmuth, composer, dies at 48  

1792  Cornerstone laid for 1st US govt building: US Mint in Phila on July - 31.  

1794  All Jacobijnse clubs together in Haarlem on this day in history.  

1795  Jose B da Gama, Portuguese poet (East Uraguay), dies at 54 on July - 31.  

1803  On this day in history john Ericsson, US, inventor (screw propeller)/shipbuilder-USS Monitor  

1808  Frederick Nichols Crouch, composer on this day in history.  

1809  On July - 31 the first practical US railroad track (wooden, for horse-drawn cars), Phila  

1809  On July - 31 1st practical US railroad track (wooden, for horse-drawn cars), Phila  

1811  On this day in history miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Mexican hero priest, executed by Spanish  

1813  On this day in history british invade Plattsburgh, NY  

1813  British invade Plattsburgh NY on July - 31.  

1815  Commodore Stephen Decatur concludes agreement with Bey of Tunis to compensate U.S. for seizure of merchant ships during the War of 1812 on July - 31.  

1816  George Henry Thomas, Major General (Union Army), died in 1870 on July - 31.  

1817  On this day in history philip Cook Jr, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1894  

1818  Heinrich Kiepert, German cartographer/geographer on this day in history.  

1825  On July - 31 thomas Hart Taylor, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1901  

1828  On July - 31 francois Auguste Gevaert, Belgian composer (Le diable au moulin)  

1830  Charles X of France resigns by force on July - 31.  

1830  On July - 31 frantisek Zdenek Xavier Alois Skuhersky, composer  

1834  On July - 31 peter H Hugenholtz, Dutch reformer/founder (Free Parish)  

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Famous Birthdays In July - 31

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1143  On July - 31 birth of emperor Nijo of Japan (d. 1165)  

1396  On this day in history birth of philips, the Good, Duke of Burgundy//Brabant/Limburg/count  

1443  On July - 31 birth of albrecht III of Saxon-Meisen, duke of Saxon  

1527  Maximilian II, German King/Emperor (1564-76) was born on July - 31.  

1550  Jakob Handl, [Petelin], Austrian composer/bandmaster was born on July - 31.  

1578  On this day in history birth of catharina Belgica of Nassau, daughter of Willem of Orange  

1597  Sebastian Stosskopf, Elzassisch painter, baptized was born on this day in history.  

1598  Alessandro Algardi, Italian sculptor and architect (d. 1654) was born on July - 31.  

Famous Deaths In July - 31

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0855  Death of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Muslim Jurisprudent (b. 780) on July - 31.  

1358  On July - 31 etienne Marcel, French textile merchant/reformer/Boer leader, dies  

1396  On this day in history death of william Courtenay, Archbishop of Canterbury (b. 1342)  

1508  On this day in history death of na'od, Emperor of Ethiopia (b. 1494)  

1556  Ignatius Loyola, Spanish founder (Jesuit), dies at about 65 on this day in history.  

1566  On this day in history bartholome de Casas, Spanish historian/bishop of Chiapa, dies at 92  

1648  On July - 31 benedictus J van Haeften, poet (Regia thru Crucis), dies at about 60  

1653  Death of Thomas Dudley, Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony (b. 1576) on July - 31.