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Historical Events Happened In May - 08

Sunday, 25 January 2015

1919  On this day in history sultan Ismail Hajibeyov, composer  

1920  46th Kentucky Derby: Ted Rice aboard Paul Jones wins in 2:09 on May - 08.  

1920  Maurice Cranston, political scientist on this day in history.  

1921  Sweden abolished capital punishment on this day in history.  

1921  Graham Leonard, bishop of London on this day in history.  

1922  Brian Kellett, CEO (Port of London Authority) on this day in history.  

1923  On May - 08 hobbs scores his 100th 100, 116 vs Somerset at Bath  

1923  Hobbs scores his 100th 100, 116* v Somerset at Bath on this day in history.  

1924  On May - 08 arthur Honegger's "Pacifica 231" premieres  

1924  On May - 08 memel territories given to Lithuania  

1924  On May - 08 workers at Werkspoor in Amsterdam strike against 3rd wage cut  

1924  On this day in history arthur Honegger's "Pacifica 231," premieres  

1924  Lev N Lunts, Russian writer (Outside the Law), dies at 23 on May - 08.  

1925  French colonial army beats Rifkabylen in Morocco on May - 08.  

1925  On May - 08 51st Preakness: Clarence Kummer aboard Coventry wins in 1:59  

1926  Fire breaks out in Fenway Park on this day in history.  

1926  The birth of David Attenborough, English director on this day in history.  

1926  On May - 08 the first flight over North Pole (Bennett & Byrd)  

1926  1st flight over North Pole (Bennett & Byrd) on this day in history.  

1929  Jan Mayen island, 500 km NNE of Iceland, incorporated into Norway on May - 08.  

1930  On this day in history lvar Henning Mankell, composer, dies at 61  

1931  Operette "Land of Smiles," premieres in London on this day in history.  

1932  Albert Thomas, French socialist politician on May - 08.  

1933  On May - 08 gandhi, in India, begins a hunger strike in protest against the British  

1933  Mohandas Gandhi begins a 21-day fast in protest against British oppression in India on May - 08.  

1935  On this day in history cin Red Ernie Lombardi doubles in 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th beat Phils 15-4  

1936  On this day in history jockey Ralph Neves unexpectedly revived after being declared dead after a fall. His wife fainted when he returned to track  

1936  Oswald Spengler, German philosopher (Underworld of Abendlandes), dies on May - 08.  

1937  On May - 08 63rd Kentucky Derby: Charley Kurtsinger on War Admiral wins 2:03.2  

1938  On this day in history stravinsky's "Dumbarton Oaks," premieres in Washington, DC  

1940  The birth of Peter Benchley, British Author on this day in history.  

1941  On May - 08 german Q-ship Pinguin sinks in Indian Ocean  

1941  On this day in history heinrich Zollner, composer, dies at 86  

1942  On this day in history battle of Coral Sea ends; Aircraft carrier Lexington sunk by Japanese air attack  

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Famous Birthdays In May - 08

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1326  On May - 08 birth of joanna I of Auvergne, queen of France (d. 1360)  

1460  On May - 08 birth of frederick I, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach (d. 1536)  

1492  Andreas Alciatus, [Giovanni Andrea-Alciato], Italian lawyer was born on this day in history.  

1521  On this day in history birth of peter Canisius, [Pieter de Hondt/Kanijs], jesuit/saint  

1527  On May - 08 birth of johann Walter, composer  

1587  On this day in history birth of victor Amadeus I, Duke of Savoy (d. 1637)  

1592  On May - 08 birth of francis Quarles, English poet (Argalus & Parthenia, Emblems)  

1622  On May - 08 birth of claes Rålamb, Swedish statesman (d. 1698)  

Famous Deaths In May - 08

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0535  On this day in history john, [Mercurius], Italian Pope (533-35), dies  

0685  Benedict II, Italian Pope (683-85), dies on May - 08.  

1192  On May - 08 death of duke Ottokar IV of Styria (b. 1163)  

1278  On this day in history death of emperor Duanzong of China (b. 1268)  

1319  Haakon V, King of Norway (1299-1319), dies on this day in history.  

1473  On this day in history death of john Stafford, 1st Earl of Wiltshire, English politician (b. 1420)  

1538  Death of Edward Fox, English bishop on this day in history.  

1577  On May - 08 viglius ab Aytta Zuichemus, lawyer/President (Raad van State), dies