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Historical Events Happened In May - 18

Sunday, 05 July 2015

1891  On this day in history rudolf Carnap, philosopher (German Logical Positivist)  

1896  US Supreme court affirms "separate but equal" policy (Plessy v Ferguson) on this day in history.  

1896  On this day in history uS Supreme court affirms race separation (Plessy v Ferguson)  

1896  On May - 18 walter Fitzgerald, Keyhan Devonport England  

1897  Irish Music Festival first held (Dublin) on this day in history.  

1897  Irish Music Festival 1st held (Dublin) on this day in history.  

1897  Frank Capra, Ital, director (Its a Wonderful Life, Arsenic & Old Lace) on this day in history.  

1898  On this day in history juan J Domenchina, Spanish poet/interpreter (sombra desterrada)  

1899  On this day in history world Goodwill Day-26 nations meet in first Hague Peace Conference  

1899  World Goodwill Day-26 nations meet in 1st Hague Peace Conference on May - 18.  

1900  On this day in history britain proclaims protectorate over kingdom of Tonga  

1900  Tonga becomes a British protectorate on this day in history.  

1900  Sarah Miriam Peale, US, portrait painter (Gen Lafayette-1825) on May - 18.  

1901  On this day in history harry Robert Wilson, composer  

1902  On May - 18 [Robert] Meredith Willson, Mason City Iowa, composer (Music Man)  

1903  George E Stone, Lodz Poland, actor (Viva Villa, Last Mile) on this day in history.  

1904  American Ion Perdicaris kidnapped in Morocco on this day in history.  

1904  Jacob K Javits, (Sen-R-NY) on May - 18.  

1905  Eric Zeisl, composer on this day in history.  

1906  The Federated Boys' Clubs, later to become the Boys' Clubs of America, are organized on this day in history.  

1907  Clifford Curzon, London England, pianist (MacFarren Gold Medal) on May - 18.  

1909  On May - 18 fred Perry, English tennis star/commentator (Wimbledon, 1934-36)  

1909  George Meredith, English poet/writer (Diana of Crossways), dies at 81 on May - 18.  

1910  Passage of Earth through tail of Halley's Comet causes near-panic on May - 18.  

1910  On this day in history the first ever conference on air traffic opens in Paris  

1910  On May - 18 arthur van Schendel, Dutch art historian  

1910  Flor van Duyse, composer, dies at 66 on this day in history.  

1911  President/dictator José Porfirio Diaz of México term ends on May - 18.  

1911  On May - 18 pres/dictator Jose Porfirio Diaz of Mexico term ends  

1911  Joe Turner, KC, blues singer (Corrine Corrina, Shake Rattle & Roll) on May - 18.  

1911  On this day in history gustav Mahler, Austr composer (Children's Death Songs), dies at 50  

1912  On May - 18 maurits Binger establishes 2 Dutch movie companies  

1912  A's beat Tigers 24-2, who use amateurs protesting Ty Cobbs suspension on this day in history.  

1912  Georg von Opel, German auto manufacturer on May - 18.  

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Famous Birthdays In May - 18

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1048  On this day in history birth of omar Khayyám, Persian mathematician, poet and philosopher (d. 1131)  

1186  On this day in history birth of konstantin of Rostov, Prince of Novgorod (d. 1218)  

1474  Isabella d'Este, Marquise of Mantua (d. 1539) was born on this day in history.  

1551  On May - 18 birth of domenico di Pace Beccafumi, Italian Renaissance-Mannerist painter (d. 1486)  

1610  Stefano della Bella, Italian printmaker (d. 1664) was born on this day in history.  

1662  George Smalridge, English bishop of Bristol (d. 1719) was born on May - 18.  

1692  On May - 18 birth of joseph Butler, Wantage Berkshire, theologian  

1711  Ruggiero G Boscovich, [Rudzer J Boskovic], Italian astronomer was born on May - 18.  

Famous Deaths In May - 18

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0526  On May - 18 john I, Pope (523-26), dies  

1160  On this day in history erik IX Helgi, [The Saint], King of Sweden, dies  

1401  On May - 18 death of władysław Opolczyk (German: Ladislaus von Oppel, count palatine of Hungary 1367-1372, governor of Halych-Volhynia 1372  

1410  On this day in history ruprecht, Roman catholics German king, dies  

1450  On May - 18 death of sejong the Great of Joseon, ruler of Korea (b. 1397)  

1550  Death of John, Cardinal of Lorraine, French churchman (b. 1498) on May - 18.  

1551  Death of Domenico di Pace Beccafumi, Italian Renaissance-Mannerist painter (d. 1486) on May - 18.  

1584  On May - 18 death of ikeda Motosuke, Japanese samurai commander (b. 1559)