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Historical Events Happened In September - 04

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

1781  On September - 04 los Angeles founded in Bahia de las Fumas by 44 settlers, (Valley of Smokes)  

1781  Los Angeles founded by 44 in Bahia de las Fumas, (Valley of Smokes) on September - 04.  

1784  Cesar F Cassini "the Thury", French astronomer (geodesic labor), dies on this day in history.  

1786  On this day in history -5] Orange troops plunder Hattem/Elburg  

1793  On September - 04 edward Bates, Atty Gen (Union), died in 1869  

1795  Friedrich [August] von Alberti, German geologist (Triasic Age) on September - 04.  

1802  Marcus Whitman, missionary, led to US securing Oregon on this day in history.  

1803  Sarah Childress Polk, 1st lady (1845-1849) on this day in history.  

1804  On September - 04 richard Somers, American naval officer  

1805  On this day in history 1st edition of Batavian State-Current published  

1807  On September - 04 robert Fulton begins operating his steamboat  

1810  Donald McKay, US naval architect, built fastest clipper ships on this day in history.  

1813  1st US relig newspaper (Religious Remembrancer (Christian Observer)) on this day in history.  

1815  On September - 04 andreas I Schaepman, archbishop of Utrecht 1868-82  

1816  Francois-Emmanuel-Joseph Bazin, composer on this day in history.  

1824  On this day in history the birth of Anton Bruckner, Austrian composer  

1824  On September - 04 anton Bruckner, Austria, Wagner disciple & monumental bore/composer  

1825  Dadabhai Naoroji, 1st Indian in British parliament on this day in history.  

1828  On this day in history cornelis Stevens, Belgian RC foreman/polemist, dies at 80  

1833  On this day in history the first newsboy hired (Barney Flaherty-NY Sun)  

1833  On this day in history 1st newsboy hired (Barney Flaherty, 10 years old-NY Sun)  

1842  On September - 04 work on Kln cathedral recommences after 284-year hiatus  

1842  Work on Koln cathedral recommences after 284-year hiatus on September - 04.  

1843  Charles Wentworth Dilke, English under minister of Foreign affairs on September - 04.  

1845  Pierre P Royer-Collard, French attorney/philosopher, dies at 82 on this day in history.  

1846  Daniel Burnham, US, architect/built skyscrapers on this day in history.  

1848  Lewis H Latimer, inventor/engineer on September - 04.  

1850  On this day in history luigi Cadorna, Italian fieldmarshal/earl (WW I-Caporetto)  

1851  On this day in history john Dillon, Irish nationalist/British Lower house member  

1853  On this day in history hermann von Wissmann, German Africa explorer/governor East-Africa  

1853  Jonathan Blewitt, composer, dies at 71 on this day in history.  

1854  On September - 04 english/French assault on Petropavlovsk Kamchatka  

1859  On this day in history edoardo Mascheroni, composer  

1862  North Beach &Mission Railway Company organized in SF on this day in history.  

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Famous Birthdays In September - 04

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1241  On this day in history birth of alexander III of Scotland (d. 1286)  

1249  Amadeus V de Great, count of Flanders/Savoy was born on this day in history.  

1383  Amadeus VIII, duke of Savoye/last antipope (Felix V (1439-48) was born on this day in history.  

1454  Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, English politician (d. 1483) was born on September - 04.  

1557  On September - 04 birth of sofie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin , queen of Denmark and Norway (d. 1631)  

1563  Wanli, Emperor of China (d. 1620) was born on September - 04.  

1596  On this day in history birth of constantine Huygens, Dutch poet/diplomat (Delightful Folly)  

1622  On September - 04 birth of jacob Hintze, composer  

Famous Deaths In September - 04

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0422  On this day in history boniface I, Italian Bishop of Rome, dies  

0454  Dioscorus van Alexandria, patriarch (council of Efeze), dies on this day in history.  

0799  On this day in history death of musa al-Kazim, Shia Imam (b. 745)  

1037  Death of King Bermudo III of Leon (b. 1010) on September - 04.  

1063  Death of Toghrül, Turkish conqueror of Persia and Baghdad on September - 04.  

1085  On September - 04 irmgarde van Keulen, German countress of Aspel/saint, dies  

1199  Death of Joan of England, Queen consort of Sicily, wife of William II of Sicily (b. 1165) on September - 04.  

1537  On this day in history death of johann Dietenberger, German theologian (b. c. 1475)