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Inventions Timeline

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

1906  Light bulbs (tungsten)  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1906  The lightbulb is introduced  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1907  color photography was invented by Auguste and Louis Lumiere  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1907  Helicopter was invented by Paul Cornu  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1907  radio amplifier was invented by Lee DeForest  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1907  leo Baekeland develops Bakelite, the first popular synthetic plastic.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1907  alva Fisher invents the electric clothes washer.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1907  Electric vacuum cleaner is introduced  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1908  american industrialist and engineer Henry Ford launches the Ford Model T, the world's first truly affordable car.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1909  Bakelite was invented by Leo Baekeland  Click To Send On Whatsapp


1909  german chemists Fritz Haber and Zygmunt Klemensiewicz develop the glass electrode, enabling very precise measurements of acidity.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1909  electric toaster is made.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1910  neon light  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1911  air conditioning is invented.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1912  american chemist Gilbert Lewis describes the basic chemistry that leads to practical, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (though they don't appear in a practical, commercial form until the 1990s).  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1912  Hans Geiger develops the Geiger counter, a detector for radioactivity  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1915  Searchlight arc  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1919  Francis Aston pioneers the mass spectrometer and uses it to discover many isotopes  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1920  john Logie Baird develops mechanical television.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1920  philo T. Farnsworth invents modern electronic television.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1920  robert H. Goddard develops the principle of the modern, liquid-fueled space rocket.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1920  german engineer Gustav Tauschek and American Paul Handel independently develop primitive optical character recognition (OCR) scanning systems.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1920  albert W. Hull invents the magnetron, a device that can generate microwaves from electricity.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1921  karel Capek and his brother coin the word "robot" in a play about artificial humans.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1921  john Larson develops the polygraph ("lie detector") machine.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1923  Sound film was invented by Lee DeForest  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1923  Television Electronic was invented by Philo Farnsworth  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1924  Electro Mechanical television system was invented by John Logie Baird  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1927  Television  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1928  Antibiotics were invented by Alexander Fleming  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1928  Thomas Midgley, Jr. invents coolant chemicals for air conditioners and refrigerators  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1928  The electric refrigerator is invented  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1928  Sliced bread is introduced  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1930  peter Goldmark pioneers color television.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

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