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Inventions Timeline

Thursday, 01 October 2020

1950  stanford Ovshinksy develops various technologies that make renewable energy more practical, including practical solar cells and improved rechargeable batteries.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1950  European bus companies experiment with using flywheels as regenerative brakes  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1950  Percy Spencer accidentally discovers how to cook with microwaves, inadvertently inventing the microwave oven  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1951  nuclear power reactor was invented by Walter Zinn  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1951  Long-distance dialing in the U.S  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1954  Indian physicist Narinder Kapany pioneers fiber optics  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1956  Optical fiber was invented by Basil Hirschowitz, C. Wilbur Peters, and Lawrence E. Curtiss  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1956  First commercial nuclear power is produced at Calder Hall, Cumbria, England  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1956  Transatlantic telephone cable  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1957  sputnik I and Sputnik II: Sputnik I and Sputnik II are launched by the Russians  Click To Send On Whatsapp


1957  soviet Union (Russia and her allies) launch the Sputnik space satellite.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1957  Lawrence Curtiss, Basil Hirschowitz, and Wilbur Peters build the first fiber-optic gastroscope  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1958  Silicon chip: The first integrated circuit, or silicon chip, is produced by the US Jack Kilby & Robert Noyce  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1958  jack Kilby and Robert Noyce, working independently, develop the integrated circuit.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1959  IBM and General Motors develop Design Augmented by Computers-1 (DAC-1), the first computer-aided design (CAD) system  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1960  laser was invented by Theodore Harold Maiman  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1960  Joseph-Armand Bombardier perfects his Ski-Doo snowmobile  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1960  Theodore Maiman invents the ruby laser  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1960  Douglas Engelbart develops the computer mouse  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1960  james Russell invents compact discs.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1960  laser light used in U.S.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1960  felt-tip pens  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1961  Optical disc was invented by David Paul Gregg  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1962  william Armistead and S. Donald Stookey of Corning Glass Works invent light-sensitive (photochromic) glass.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1963  Computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1963  Ivan Sutherland develops Sketchpad, one of the first computer-aided design programs  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1963  Home video recorder  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1963  disk storage for computer  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1964  IBM helps to pioneer e-commerce with an airline ticket reservation system called SABRE  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1965  Frank Pantridge develops the portable defibrillator for treating cardiac arrest patients  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1966  Stephanie Kwolek patents a super-strong plastic called Kevlar  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1967  automatic Teller Machine (ATM) was invented by John Shepherd-Barron  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1967  japanese company Noritake invents the vacuum fluorescent display (VFD).  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1967  compact microwave ovens are sold.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

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