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Inventions Timeline

Thursday, 01 October 2020

1930  laszlo and Georg Biro pioneer the modern ballpoint pen.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1930  maria Telkes creates the first solar-powered house.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1930  wallace Carothers develops neoprene (synthetic rubber used in wetsuits) and nylon, the first popular synthetic clothing material.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1930  robert Watson Watt oversees the development of radar.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1930  arnold Beckman develops the electronic pH meter.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1931  Iconoscope was invented by Vladimir Zworykin  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1931  Harold E. Edgerton invents the xenon flash lamp for high-speed photography  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1932  Arne Olander discovers the shape memory effect in a gold-cadmium alloy  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1933  fM radio  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1936  W.B. Elwood invents the magnetic reed switch  Click To Send On Whatsapp


1936  fluorescent light  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1937  jet engine was invented by Frank Whittle and Hans von Ohain  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1937  alan Turing develops the concept of a theoretical computing machine  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1937  Cellophane tape  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1938  ballpoint pen was invented by Laszlo Biro  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1938  Chester Carlson invents the principle of photocopying (xerography)  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1938  roy Plunkett accidentally invents a nonstick plastic coating called Teflon.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1938  Xerography (a dry process, with no liquid developer)  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1938  Tape recorder  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1939  igor Sikorsky builds the first truly practical helicopter.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1940  English physicists John Randall and Harry Boot develop a compact magnetron for use in airplane radar navigation systems  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1940  automatic dishwasher is manufactured.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1942  Enrico Fermi builds the first nuclear chain reactor at the University of Chicago  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1943  Enigma: Adolf Hitler uses the Enigma encryption machine  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1943  colossus: Alan Turing develops the the code-breaking machine Colossus  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1943  Aqua-Lung was invented by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1943  videocassette recorder was invented by Ampex  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1943  hypertext was invented by Andries van Dam and Ted Nelson  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1945  uS government scientist Vannevar Bush proposes a kind of desk-sized memory store called Memex, which has some of the features later incorporated into electronic books and the World Wide Web (WWW).  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1946  microwave oven was invented by Percy Spencer  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1946  Electronic computer  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1947  john Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley invent the transistor, which allows electronic equipment to made much smaller and leads to the modern computer revolution.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1949  bernard Silver and N. Joseph Woodland patent barcodesstriped patterns that are initially developed for marking products in grocery stores.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1950  Charles Townes and Arthur Schawlow invent the maser (microwave laser). Gordon Gould coins the word "laser" and builds the first optical laser in 1958  Click To Send On Whatsapp

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