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Inventions Timeline

Thursday, 01 October 2020

1881  jacques d'Arsonval suggests heat energy could be extracted from the oceans.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1883  Charles Eastman invents plastic photographic film  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1884  charles Parsons develops the steam turbine.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1885  motor cycle was invented by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1885  karl Benz builds a gasoline-engined car.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1886  josephine Cochran invents the dishwasher.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1888  friedrich Reinitzer discovers liquid crystals.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1888  nikola Tesla patents the alternating current (AC) electric induction motor and, in opposition to Thomas Edison, becomes a staunch advocate of AC power.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1888  Ball-point pen  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1890  French brothers Joseph and Louis Lumiere invent movie projectors and open the first movie theater  Click To Send On Whatsapp


1890  german engineer Rudolf Diesel develops his diesel enginea more efficient internal combustion engine without a sparking plug.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1891  Zipper was invented by Whitcomb L. Judson  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1893  wireless communication was invented by Nikola Tesla  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1893  Motion pictures (movies)  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1895  Diesel engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1895  radio signals were invented by Guglielmo Marconi  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1895  german physicist Wilhelm Rntgen discovers X rays.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1895  american Ogden Bolton, Jr. invents the electric bicycle.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1898  remote control was invented by Nikola  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1899  everett F. Morse invents the optical pyrometer for measuring temperatures at a safe distance.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1899  tape recorder  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1900  Photocopying (camera takes a photo of an original)  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1900  paper clips  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1901  vacuum cleaner was invented by Hubert Booth  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1901  Guglielmo Marconi sends radio-wave signals across the Atlantic Ocean from England to Canada  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1901  The first electric vacuum cleaner is developed  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1901  electric washing machine is invented.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1903  powered airplane was invented by Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1903  brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright build the first engine-powered airplane.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1905  Albert Einstein explains the photoelectric effect  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1905  samuel J. Bens invents the chainsaw.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1906  willis Carrier pioneers the air conditioner.  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1906  Mikhail Tswett discovers chromatography  Click To Send On Whatsapp

1906  photostats (copies made on light-sensitive paper instead of film)  Click To Send On Whatsapp

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