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Historical Events Happened In 1997

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Jan 02   In the year 1997 howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Columbus OH on WBZX 99.7 FM  

Jan 02   Jim Rodger, sports writer, dies at 75 in the year 1997.  

Jan 02   In the year 1997 residents of southern and eastern Ontario are digging out again this morning after another round of snow.  

Jan 03   Bryant Gumbel co-hosted his final "Today" show on NBC-TV in the year 1997.  

Jan 03   In the year 1997 eddo Brandes takes ODI hat-trick vs England at Harare  

Jan 03   On this day in history zimbabwe clean-sweep ODI series vs England 3-0  

Jan 04   In the year 1997 canada wins the World Junior Hockey title in Switzerland.  

Jan 05   French trains are diverted to pick up stranded skiers and German rail stations are converted into homeless shelters as the death toll from Europe's longest cold spell in a decade passes 230 on this day in history.  

Jan 05   On this day in history in ocean racing, Montreal solo sailor Gerry Roufs disappears at sea while circumnavigating the Globe.  

Jan 07   Newt Gingrich, narrowly re-elected speaker of the House in the year 1997.  

Jan 09   On this day in history former Toronto Argonauts and LA Kings owner Bruce McNall sentenced to five years, 10 months in prison and ordered to repay $5 million for bank fraud  

Jan 09   In the year 1997 heart attacks sends Frank Sinatra back to hospital  

Jan 09   Twenty-nine people are killed when a Comair commuter plane crashes 18 miles from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport in the year 1997.  

Jan 10   4,000th episode of "Entertainment Tonight" in the year 1997.  

Jan 10   In the year 1997 dow Corning provides $295 billion to settle breast implant suits  

Jan 10   In the year 1997 italy's new 1,000 lire coin shows divided Germany on map  

Jan 10   In the year 1997 right-winger Arnoldo Aleman sworn in as President of Nicaragua  

Jan 11   In the year 1997 23rd People's Choice Awards Bill Cosby wins  

Jan 11   Telstar 401 Satellite Fails on this day in history.  

Jan 12   On this day in history charles Huggins, surgeon/medical researcher, dies at 95  

Jan 12   Ice skater Oksana Baiul injured slightly whiled driving intoxicated in the year 1997.  

Jan 12   On this day in history space Shuttle STS 81 (Atlantis 18), launches into space  

Jan 12   On this day in history tiger Woods wins Mercedes Championships  

Jan 15   In the year 1997 american space shuttle Atlantis docks with Russian Mir space station for the first time  

Jan 15   On this day in history chicago Bull Dennis Rodman kicks cameraman, Eugene Amosin the groin  

Jan 15   Jose Ignacio Domecq, wine maker, dies at 82 in the year 1997.  

Jan 15   Space Shuttle Atlantis docks with Mir Space Station in the year 1997.  

Jan 16   In the year 1997 a bomb exploded at an Atlanta building housing an abortion clinic. An hour later, after investigators and others had come to the scene, a second bomb went off, injuring six people.  

Jan 16   Ennis Cosby, the son of entertainer Bill Cosby, was shot to death while changing a tire on a freeway exit ramp in Los Angeles in the year 1997.  

Jan 18   On this day in history myfanwy Piper, librettist, dies at 85  

Jan 18   Norway's Boerge Ousland emerges on the Pacific edge of Antarctica to become the first person to cross the continent alone and unaided on this day in history.  

Jan 18   In the year 1997 norwegian Borge Ousland completed a 1,675-mile trek across Antarctica, the first time anyone transversed the continent alone.  

Jan 19   Adriana Caseloti, voice (Snow White), dies at 70 in the year 1997.  

Jan 19   Two bombs exploded at a Tulsa, Okla., abortion clinic that had been bombed two weeks earlier in the year 1997.  

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Famous Deaths In 1997

Famous People Died In This Year In History

Jan 01   On this day in history graham Kersey, cricket wicket keeper, dies in car crash  

Jan 02   On this day in history jim Rodger, sports writer, dies at 75  

Jan 03   In the year 1997 burton Lane, composer, dies at 84  

Jan 04   Harry B Helmsley, owner (Empire State Building), dies at 87 in the year 1997.  

Jan 05   On this day in history andre Franquin, cartoonist, dies at 72  

Jan 06   On this day in history ian Peter Leslie Smith, journalist, dies at 52  

Jan 07   On this day in history desmond Flower, publisher, dies at 89  

Jan 08   Carole Carr, singer/actress (Down Among the Z Men), dies at 68 in the year 1997.