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Historical Events Happened In January - 14

Friday, 22 May 2015

1868  On January - 14 south Carolina constitutional convention, meets with a black majority  

1868  On this day in history nC constitutional convention meets in Raleigh  

1868  On this day in history catharina A M de Savornin Lohman, Dutch author (Belief)  

1868  On this day in history heinrich Schenker, Austrian musicologist (Ursatz), dies at 66  

1871  On January - 14 pauline Beersmans, [PLJM van Cuyck], Flemish actress (Hofslachter)  

1873  On this day in history "Celluloid" registered as a trademark  

1874  On January - 14 i D Shadd elected Speaker of lower house of Miss legislature  

1874  On January - 14 thornton Waldo Burgess, author (Peter Rabbit)  

1875  On this day in history the birth of Albert Schweitzer, French medical missionary and Nobel Prize winner  

1875  Albert Schweitzer, doctor/humanitarian/organist (Nobel 1954) on this day in history.  

1878  On January - 14 the first private connection by telephone in Great Britain is made on the Isle of Wight when Queen Victoria speaks to Thomas Biddulph.  

1878  On this day in history uS Supreme court rules race separation on trains unconstitutional  

1878  Victor A D Segalen, [Max Anely], French writer on January - 14.  

1882  Hendrik W van Loon, Netherland, commentator/writer (Story of America) on January - 14.  

1886  Hugh Lofting, England, writer & illustrator (Dr Dolittle) on this day in history.  

1887  Friedrich von Amerling, Austrian painter, dies at 83 on January - 14.  

1888  On this day in history stephen Heller, composer, dies at 74  

1889  Vincenzo Davico, composer on January - 14.  

1890  On January - 14 francesco D'Arcais, composer, dies at 59  

1892  The birth of Hal Roach, American director on January - 14.  

1892  On this day in history hal Roach, early film director/producer (1 Million BC)  

1895  George Richard Samways, children's writer on this day in history.  

1896  On January - 14 john dos Passos, novelist (1919, Big Money, 42nd Parallel)  

1897  6,960-m (22,834') Cerro Aconcagua (Argentina) first climbed on this day in history.  

1897  6,960-m (22,834') Cerro Aconcagua (Argentina) 1st climbed on this day in history.  

1898  Death of Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, British author of Alice in Wonderland on January - 14.  

1898  Joe Darling hits the first six in Tests (out of the ground) on this day in history.  

1898  Joe Darling hits the 1st six in Tests (out of the ground) on this day in history.  

1898  On this day in history helen Flint, Chicago, actress (Sea Devils, Married Before Breakfast)  

1898  On this day in history lewis Carroll, writer (Alice in Wonderland), dies at 65  

1899  Fritz Bayerlein, German lt-general (WW I, Poland, Libya, St-Lo) on this day in history.  

1900  Giacomo Puccini's opera "Tosca," premieres in Rome on this day in history.  

1901  On January - 14 bebe Daniels, Scotland, actress (42nd Street, Lonesome Luke)  

1901  On this day in history charles Hermite, French mathematician (e is transcendent), dies at 78  

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Famous Birthdays In January - 14

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1131  King Valdemar I of Denmark (d. 1182) was born on January - 14.  

1451  On January - 14 birth of franchinus Gaffurius, composer  

1467  Henry van Stolberg & Wernigerode, German gov/viceroy of Frisia was born on January - 14.  

1477  On this day in history birth of hermann of Wied, German Catholic archbishop (d. 1552)  

1507  On January - 14 birth of catherine of Habsburg, Infanta of Spain and queen of Portugal (d. 1578)  

1551  Alberico Gentili, Italian jurist (d. 1608) was born on this day in history.  

1566  Angelo Notari, composer was born on this day in history.  

1592  On this day in history birth of sjihab al-Din Sultan Choerram Sjah Djahan, leader of India  

Famous Deaths In January - 14

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0973  On January - 14 ekkehard I, monk of St Gallen (Vita Waltharii manu fortis), dies  

1163  Ladislaus I Arpad, king of Hungary (1162-63), dies on January - 14.  

1236  On January - 14 sava [Rastko], son of Serbia's king/saint, dies at 64  

1301  Andreas III Arpad, king of Hungary (1290-1301), dies at 50 on this day in history.  

1331  On January - 14 death of odoric, Italian explorer (b. 1286)  

1623  Paolo Sarpi, Italian church historian/politician, dies at 70 on January - 14.  

1640  On this day in history death of thomas Coventry, 1st Baron Coventry, English lawyer and judge (b. 1578)  

1648  Casparus Barleaus, Flemish theologist/poet (Muiderkring), dies at 63 on January - 14.