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Historical Events Happened In January - 16

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

1968  On this day in history robert R "Bob" Jones, founder (Bob Jones University), dies at 84  

1969  Jan Palach immolates himself to protest Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia on January - 16.  

1969  Soviet Soyuz 4 & Soyuz 5 perform first transfer of crew in space on January - 16.  

1969  On this day in history the Soviets carry out the first manual docking of a spacecraft in orbit  

1969  Jan Palach, protesting Soviet invasion of Czech, self immolates at 20 on this day in history.  

1970  On January - 16 colonel Kadhaffi becomes premier of Libya  

1970  On this day in history curt Flood files a civil lawsuit challenging baseball's reserve clause  

1970  Armijn Pane, Indonesian writer (Djinak-djinak merpati), dies at 61 on January - 16.  

1971  On this day in history kermit Maynard, cowboy actor (Saturday Roundup), dies at 68  

1972  David Seville, singer (Alvin & Chipmunks), dies at 52 on January - 16.  


1973  NBC presents 440th & final showing of "Bonanza" on this day in history.  

1973  USSR's Lunakhod 2 begins radio-controlled exploration of the Moon on January - 16.  

1973  On January - 16 ray Barrett, sportscaster (Gillette Summer Sports Reel), dies at 65  

1974  On January - 16 "Jaws" by Peter Benchley is published  

1974  L A Landslide kills 9, Canyonville OR on January - 16.  

1976  "Donny & Marie" [Osmond] musical variety show premieres on ABC TV on this day in history.  

1978  5th American Music Award Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac & Conway Twitty on this day in history.  

1978  Soyuz 27 returns to Earth on January - 16.  

1979  On this day in history shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi of Iran flees Iran for Egypt  

1979  The ruler of Iran, the Shah, leaves his country on January - 16.  

1979  On this day in history fred Elizalde, composer, dies at 71  

1980  Paul McCartney jailed in Tokyo for 10 days on marijuana possession on January - 16.  

1980  On this day in history anna van Wageningen-Salomons, Dut author (Unspoilt Dream), dies at 94  

1981  On January - 16 ivan Lendl intentionally loses a match in the Volvo Masters in order to avoid having to play Björn Borg  

1981  On this day in history john Lennon releases "Woman" in UK  

1981  On January - 16 leon Spinks is mugged, his assailants even take his gold teeth  

1981  Protestant gunmen shoot & wound Bernadette Devlin McAliskey & husband on this day in history.  

1981  Bernard Lee, actor (Fallen Idol, Dr No), dies at 73 on January - 16.  

1984  On January - 16 11th American Music Award Michael Jackson  

1984  On January - 16 extortionist sends letter to Queensland Primary Industries Department threatening to release foot and mouth virus unless state jails are reformed.  

1984  On this day in history paul & Linda McCartney arrested in Barbados-possession of cannabis  

1984  On this day in history president Reagan called for peaceful competition with Moscow. He authorized research and development on space-age weapons capable of destroying incoming nuclear missiles, the program known as Star Wars.  

1985  "Playboy" announces end of stapling centerfolds on January - 16.  

1986  On this day in history libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi said Libya would train, arm and protect Arab guerrillas for Palestinian suicide and terrorist missions, his first explicit endorsement of terrorism.  

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Famous Birthdays In January - 16

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1245  Edmund Crouchback, son of Henry III of England (d. 1296) was born on this day in history.  

1409  René I of Naples (d. 1480) was born on January - 16.  

1477  On January - 16 birth of johannes Schöner, German astronomer and cartographer (d. 1547)  

1501  On this day in history birth of anthony Denny, confidant of King Henry VIII of England (d. 1559)  

1587  On January - 16 birth of alexander Adriaenssen, Flemish painter  

1616  François de Vendôme, duc de Beaufort, French soldier (d. 1669) was born on this day in history.  

1626  Lucas Achtschellinck, Flemish painter (d. 1699) was born on this day in history.  

1634  On this day in history birth of dorthe Engelbrechtsdatter, Norwegian poet (d. 1716)  


Famous Deaths In January - 16

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0308  Marcellus I, Catholic Pope (-308), dies on January - 16.  

0429  On this day in history honoratius of Arles, bishop/saint, dies [or 430]  

0960  On this day in history death of polyeuctus, Patriarch of Constantinople  

1343  On January - 16 robert of Anjou, king (Naples), dies  

1400  On January - 16 death of john Holland, 1st Duke of Exeter, English politician (executed) (b. 1352)  

1545  Death of George Spalatin, German reformer (b. 1484) on this day in history.  

1547  On this day in history death of johannes Schöner, German astronomer and cartographer (b. 1477)  

1554  Death of Christiern Pedersen, Danish humanist (b. 1480) on January - 16.  


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