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Historical Events Happened In March - 08

Thursday, 18 September 2014

1987  David Hookes (306) Wayne Phillips make 462 stand for South Australia on March - 08.  

1987  On March - 08 fBI apprehends most wanted Claude L Dallas, Jr in California  

1989  "Heidi Chronicles" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 621 performances on this day in history.  

1990  NYC's Zodiac killer shoots first victim, Mario Orosco on March - 08.  

1991  On March - 08 17th People's Choice Awards Julia Roberts, Bill Cosby, Pretty Woman  

1991  On March - 08 harry Hamlin &Nicollette Sheridan wed  

1991  On this day in history in Eastern Siberia a 6.6 is believed to be the largest earthquake ever located in this area.  

1991  On this day in history planeloads of US troops arrive home from the Persian Gulf, Iraq hands over 40 foreign journalists &2 American soldiers it captured  

1991  On March - 08 uS performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site  

1991  17th People's Choice Awards: Julia Roberts, Bill Cosby, Pretty Woman on this day in history.  

1992  22nd Easter Seal Telethon on this day in history.  

1992  On March - 08 red Callender, US jazz bassist (Unfinished dream), dies at 76  

1993  Canadian Navy supply ship HMCS Preserver heads home after three-month tour of Somalia on March - 08.  

1993  On this day in history katharine Hepburn released from the hospital after exhaustion  

1993  On this day in history nigerian singer Fela Kuti arrested again on suspicion of murder  

1993  On March - 08 billy Eckstine, jazz singer (Fools Rush In), dies at 78 of stroke  

1994  B-737 collides with Ilyushin-86 in New Dehli, at least 8 killed on this day in history.  

1994  On this day in history defense Department announces smoking ban in workplaces  

1994  Train accident at Pinetown, Natal kills 47 on this day in history.  

1994  John Ewart, Sydney Australia, dies of cancer at 55 on this day in history.  

1995  -26F (-32.2C) in Bismarck ND on March - 08.  

1995  -44F (-42.2C) in Chosedacharad, Komi-district, on 67N on this day in history.  

1995  On this day in history costis Stephanopoulos becomes President of Greece  

1995  On March - 08 dutch Liberal Party wins Provincial-National elections  

1995  Ota Adler, Czech/British fur trader (Jewish Aid Fund), dies at 83 on March - 08.  

1996  On this day in history alison McCartney, pathologist/Breast Cancer campaigner, dies at 45  

1997  On March - 08 alexander Salkind, producer (Superman), dies at 75  

2007  On March - 08 israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert admits that Israel had planned an attack on Lebanon in the event of kidnapped soldiers on the border, months before Hezbollah carried out its kidnapping.  

2012  On March - 08 greece secures debt-restructuring deal with private lenders  

2013  North Korea terminates all peace pacts with South Korea on this day in history.  

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Famous Birthdays In March - 08

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1075  On March - 08 birth of abu 'l-Kasim Mahmud ibn Omar al-Zamachshari, Arab theologist  

1286  On March - 08 birth of john III, Duke of Brittany (d. 1341)  

1293  On this day in history birth of beatrice of Castile, queen of Portugal (d. 1359)  

1495  On March - 08 birth of juan de Dios, Port/Sp saint/founder (Brothers of Mercy)  

1495  John of God, Portuguese-born friar and saint (d. 1550) was born on March - 08.  

1514  Amago Haruhisa, Japanese samurai and warlord (d. 1562) was born on March - 08.  

1560  Don Carlo Gesualdo, Italian composer (d. 1613) was born on this day in history.  

1607  Johann Rist, composer was born on March - 08.  

Famous Deaths In March - 08

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0883  On March - 08 albumasar, [Ahmad Aboe M Gafar al-Balkhi], Arabic astronomer, dies  

1126  Death of Urraca of Castile (b. 1082) on March - 08.  

1144  Celestine II, [Guido], Italian Pope (1143-44), dies in battle on March - 08.  

1202  Death of Sverre of Norway on this day in history.  

1223  On this day in history death of wincenty Kadłubek, Polish chronicler (b. 1161)  

1403  Bajezid I Jildirim, 4th sultan of Turkey (1389-1403), dies at 42 on March - 08.  

1466  On March - 08 francesco Sforza, Italian condottiere/duke of Milan, dies at 64  

1550  On March - 08 juan de Dios, Port/Sp saint (Brothers of Mercy), dies at 55