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Historical Events Happened In October - 24

Sunday, 23 November 2014

1956  AP names Cin manager Birdie Tebbets as NL Manager of the Year on this day in history.  

1957  Cin Redlegs decline to move to Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City on October - 24.  

1957  Christian Dior, French designer (New Look), dies at 52 in Italy on this day in history.  

1958  On this day in history uSS Kleinsmith (APD-134) evacuates U.S. nationals from Nicaro, Cuba.  

1958  USSR lends Egypt 400 million rubles to build Aswan Dam on this day in history.  

1958  Esther Delterne, Flemish actress/revue-artists, dies at 81 on this day in history.  

1959  On October - 24 uS premier of D Sjostakovitch's 1st Cello concert  

1960  On October - 24 disaster on USSR launch pad, kills missile expert Nedelin and team (unconfirmed); USSR claims he was killed in plane crash  

1960  Disaster on USSR (Baikonoer) launch pad, kills missile expert Nedelin & team (165 die-unconfirmed); USSR claims killed in plane crash on October - 24.  

1961  Malta granted independence from Britain on October - 24.  

1961  "Evening with Yves Montand" opens at John Golden NYC for 55 perfs on this day in history.  

1962  U.S. Military Forces put on High Alert during the Cuban Missile Crisis, on October - 24.  

1962  On October - 24 in Cuban missile crisis, the US blockade of Cuba begins  

1963  On October - 24 "110 in the Shade" opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 330 perfs  

1963  On this day in history beverly Wills, actress (Beverly-I Married Joan), dies at 29  

1964  Northern Rhodesia becomes the Republic of Zambia on this day in history.  

1964  The U.S.S.R. invades Hungary on this day in history.  

1964  On October - 24 zambia (N Rhodesia) gains independence from Britain (National Day)  

1964  On this day in history "Cambridge Circus" closes at Plymouth Theater NYC after 23 perfs  

1967  On October - 24 lyle Latell, actor (Not of the Earth, Sky Dragon), dies at 63  

1968  On October - 24 mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful busted for pot, released on 50 bail  

1969  On this day in history elizabeth Taylor receives from Richard Burton a diamond ring weighing more than 69 carats and worth more than $1,000,000  

1969  On October - 24 otto Jochum, composer, dies at 71  

1970  On this day in history nancy Walker creates Ida Morgenstein role on Mary Tyler Moore Show  

1970  On October - 24 salvador Allende Gossens elected president of Chile  

1970  Richard Hofstadter, US historian, dies at 54 on this day in history.  

1971  On October - 24 harry Drake sets longest arrow flight by a footbow (1 mile 268 yds)  

1971  On this day in history carl Ruggles, US composer (Evocations), dies at 95  

1972  On this day in history jackie Robinson, 1st black baseball player (Bkln Dodgers), dies at 53  

1973  On this day in history heavy fog causes 65 car collision killing 9 on NJ Turnpike  

1973  On this day in history john Lennon sues US govt to admit the FBI is tapping his phone  

1973  Yom Kippur War ends, Israel 65 miles from Cairo, 26 from Damascus on October - 24.  

1973  On October - 24 jack Iverson, cricketer (5 Tests 21 wickets S1024 15 23), dies  

1974  The birth of The Earl of Ulster, Son of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester on this day in history.  

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Famous Birthdays In October - 24

Famous People Born On This Day In History

0051  Domitian, Roman Emperor (d. 96) was born on October - 24.  

1378  David Stewart, Duke of Rothesay, heir to the throne of Scotland (d. 1402) was born on this day in history.  

1607  On this day in history birth of john Lievensz, painter/etcher/wood carver  

1632  On this day in history birth of antony van Leeuwenhoek, Hol, naturalist (Philosophical Transactions)  

1675  On October - 24 birth of richard Temple, 1st Viscount Cobham, English soldier and politician (d. 1749)  

1710  On this day in history birth of alban Butler, English Catholic priest and writer (d. 1773)  

1763  On this day in history birth of dorothea von Schlegel, German novelist (d. 1839)  

1788  On this day in history birth of sarah Josepha Hale, author (Mary Had a Little Lamb)  

Famous Deaths In October - 24

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0996  Hugo Capet, king of France (987-96), dies at 58 on October - 24.  

1375  On October - 24 death of king Valdemar IV of Denmark (bc. 1320)  

1521  Robert Fayrfax, composer, dies at 57 on this day in history.  

1537  Jane Seymour, 3rd wife of Henry VIII, dies on October - 24.  

1572  On this day in history death of edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby, English politician (bc. 1508)  

1579  Albrecht V von Wittelsbach, duke of Bavaria, dies at 51 on October - 24.  

1601  On this day in history tycho Brahe, astronomer, dies in Prague at 54  

1649  On this day in history ferdinand van Boisschot, South Neth diplomat, dies at about 89