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Historical Events For December - 18

Sunday, 23 July 2017

1888  On this day in history gladys Cooper, Lewisham England, actress (My Fair Lady)  

1890  On this day in history frederick Lugard occupies Uganda for British East Africa Company.  

1890  On December - 18 lugards expedition to Mengo/Kampala, Uganda  

1890  Edwin Howard Armstrong, NYC, radio pioneer inventor (FM) on this day in history.  

1892  "Nutcracker Suite," Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky's ballet, premieres on this day in history.  

1892  Richard Owen, English zoologist (Dinosaurus), dies at 88 on this day in history.  

1894  On December - 18 south Australian women given the vote.  

1894  Cricket day 4 1T Aus v Eng England following on 4-268, 7 in front on December - 18.  

1897  Fernand J Collin, Belgian economist/banker on December - 18.  

1897  On this day in history carlo A Alfieri, Italian Member of parliament, dies at 70  


1898  At a site near Paris, France, Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat sets the world's first official automobile land speed record of 39 miles per hour on this day in history.  

1898  On this day in history automobile speed record set-63 kph (39 mph)  

1898  On December - 18 jacob Kruijt, Dutch sociologist  

1899  Fieldmarshal Lord Roberts appointed Brit supreme commander in S Africa on this day in history.  

1899  On December - 18 john William Glover, composer, dies at 84  

1900  The Upper Ferntree Gully to Gembrook Narrow-gauge (2 ft 6 in or 762 mm) Railway (now the Puffing Billy Railway) in Victoria, Australia is opened for traffic on this day in history.  

1903  Panama Canal Zone acquired 'in perpetuity', by the USA for an annual rent on this day in history.  

1904  On December - 18 george Stevens, US director (Alice Adams, Penny Serenade)  

1905  H V Hordern takes 8-81 in 2nd innings of F-C debut (NSW v Qld) on December - 18.  

1905  On this day in history richard Sturzenegger, composer  

1906  On December - 18 edwin H "Buddy" Morris, music publisher  

1907  On December - 18 christopher Fry, Bristol England, playwright (Ring Around the Moon)  

1908  On December - 18 celia Johnson, England, actress (Happy Breed, Brief encounter)  

1909  On December - 18 mona Barrie, [Smith], London England, actress (Dawn on Great Divide)  

1910  On December - 18 abe Burrows, Bkln NY, Broadway composer (Guys & Dolls 1951 TONY)  

1911  On this day in history helen Vlachos, journalist  

1911  Alberto Randegger, composer, dies at 79 on this day in history.  

1912  On December - 18 he Piltdown Man, later discovered to be a hoax, is supposedly found in the Piltdown Gravel Pit, by Charles Dawson.  

1913  The birth of Willy Brandt, German statesman on this day in history.  

1913  On December - 18 alfred Bester, US, science fiction author (Decievers, Starlight)  

1914  On December - 18 jerry Zipkin, socialite  

1915  On December - 18 president Wilson, widowed the year before, marries Edith Bolling Galt  

1915  On this day in history pres Wilson, widowed the year before, marries Edith Bolling Galt  

1915  Dario Mangiarotti, Italy, fencing, gold, 2 silver (Olympic-1948, 52) on December - 18.  

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Famous Birthdays In December - 18

Famous People Born On This Day In History

1507  On December - 18 birth of Ōuchi Yoshitaka, Japanese warlord (d. 1551)  

1562  Philipp Dulichius, composer was born on this day in history.  

1569  On December - 18 birth of jakob Hassler, composer  

1602  On this day in history birth of simonds d'Ewes, English antiquarian and politician (d. 1650)  

1610  Charles Du Fresne Du Cange, French scholar/philologist was born on this day in history.  

1620  On this day in history birth of heinrich Roth, German Sanskrit scholar (d. 1668)  

1633  On December - 18 birth of adriaen Melar, Flemish engraver, baptised  

1633  On this day in history birth of willem van de Velde the Young, Dutch seascape painter, baptised  


Famous Deaths In December - 18

Famous People Died On This Day In History

0468  On December - 18 death of huna Mari bar Mar Zutra, rabbi, executed in Pumpedita  

0821  Death of Theodulf, Bishop of Orléans on this day in history.  

1133  On December - 18 death of hildebert, French writer  

1290  Death of King Magnus I of Sweden (b. 1240) on this day in history.  

1442  Death of Pierre Cauchon, French Catholic bishop (b. 1371) on this day in history.  

1495  Death of King Alphonso II of Naples (b. 1448) on this day in history.  

1505  On this day in history death of john IX van Horne, prince-bishop of Lieges, executed  

1565  Benedetto Varchi, Italian humanist/historian (L'Ercolano), dies at 62 on this day in history.  


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